About the Group of Companies

Fundy Harbour Group

Based locally in Saint John, Fundy Harbour Group is focused on building progress and growth. You might say we’re invested in our port city’s success.

Fundy Harbour Group Inc. is a full-service real estate group, founded by Dr. David Elias. Fundy Harbour Group is made up of Fundy Harbour Property Management Ltd., Fundy Harbour Construction Ltd., and Fundy Harbour Developments Inc., its in-house property management, construction, and development companies.

With expertise in all areas of the real estate sector, Fundy Harbour Group is well-positioned to add value and deliver key services from acquisition through to financing, design, renovation, construction and ultimately on to operation and management. Since the founding of the company, Fundy Harbour Group has taken on a variety of large-scale projects including residential and mixed-use buildings, such as the transformative Crescent Valley revitalization through the construction of Vimy Estates and the acquisition and redevelopment of the City Hall building in Uptown Saint John.

The commonality among all projects undertaken by Fundy Harbour Group has been unparalleled attention to detail, with the goal of creating a modern and sustainable environment for each building and its tenants. Fundy Harbour Group has a proven track record of success in commercial, retail, residential (with both market units and affordable housing units) and mixed-use developments, with the results being truly transformative to the properties and the surrounding areas.  

Fundy Harbour Property Management

Fundy Harbour Property Management is here to do more than collect rent. We’re making sure your home is a place you are pleased to be.

Fundy Harbour Property Management (FHPM) is the property management arm of Fundy Harbour Group. FHPM Management was formed to handle all of Fundy Harbour Groups' portfolio buildings. Since its inception, FHPM has grown to take on external buildings that need full or part-time management.

FHPM can take on a variety of roles catering to specific criteria our customers require, whether that be full-service property management or selected service Property Management, Fundy Harbour Property Management is there to leave owners with peace of mind.

Fundy Harbour Construction

Fundy Harbour Construction provides unparalleled attention to detail, modern design and sustainability.

Fundy Harbour Construction (FHC) is a multi-faceted construction arm of Fundy Harbour Group. What started as an in-house General Contractor, FHC has expanded its capabilities to take on more ambitious projects both internally and externally.

FHC handles all of your general contracting needs, with our experienced staff that can handle the full construction cycle leaving customers with a quality and well-executed project.

Fundy Harbour Developments

Fundy Harbour Developments adds value and delivers key services from planning to design renovation, construction, and ultimately on to operation and management.

Fundy Harbour Developments (FHD) is the development and project management arm of Fundy Harbour Group. FHD handles all project planning, financing, marketing, project management work for all of Fundy Harbour Group's development projects.